Token Economics

Token Utility

The Metapreme DAO is a spaceship, the Troopers are the crew, and the PREME token is the fuel injected into the machine that keeps it running. PREMEs function as governance tokens, ecosystem trading tokens, and user engagement incentives. All value generated by the Metapreme and its growth potential will be captured by PREME.
Launchpad: Trooper can stake PREME tokens to participate in future projects launched by Metapreme Launchpad.
Mission Participation: In some particular mission cards, Troopers will be required to deposit a minimum amount of Staked Utility PREME (suPREME) to participate.
Mission Curate: Our incubated games and game partners will use PREME as a payment to create and curate mission cards. These fees will be transferred to our Treasury DAO as a stream of platform revenue.
In-game Integration: PREME token will be integrated into our incubated games and game partners. These game players can play to earn PREME or use PREME to buy, sell, and exchange for exclusive gaming content such as items, skins, characters, upgrades, etc
User Incentives: DAO contributors will receive PREME tokens as rewards. Our team and game partners will create suitable conditions for Troopers to make more contributions to our DAO through various activities such as missions, bounties, tournaments, etc. Troopers can also stake tokens in one or multiple vaults to earn yield.
Governance: PREME token empowers our users with authority and voting power in the Metapreme DAO. PREME tokens will be completely owned by the community, and PREME holders will have the ability to manage our DAO development.

Token Metrics

Ticker: $PREME
Total supply: 10,000,000,000 PREME
Private sale price: We have no private sale, fully for the community
Public sale action price (starts at): $0.003