Contribution Points

Contribution Point = CP
To level up or hold a specific Community Role, you have to acquire as many Contribution Points (CPs) as you can. Based on the total CPs you have at the end of the event, we will determine the amount of reward you deserve to get.
There are a variety of tasks you can take part in to collect additional CPs to level up your community roles. However, you should keep in mind that CPs are not fixed and will be reduced if you become less active, cross our DAO rules, or contribute less to the community over time. In these cases, your Community Roles will be ranked lower. We will gradually introduce further rules regarding the Community Roles ranking mechanism.
Again, the contribution is vital to Metapreme DAO as it amplifies our core of value generation. If you keep making contributions to our DAO, rest assured that the rewards will be well worth your effort.
Community Roles ranking order by Contribution Points:
  • Earth Wanderer: 30 CPs
  • Planetary Scout: 65 CPs
  • Galactic Explorer: 200 CPs
  • Multiversal Pioneer: 350 CPs
  • Cosmic Entity: 600 CPs
Troopers can make their contributions to our DAO in various ways: