This year has been remarkable for cryptocurrencies, but one might argue that the rise of blockchain gaming should be credited as the driving force behind the market trend.
Starting with the viral Play-to-earn gameplay of Axie Infinity, a growing number of blockchain-based games have been developed to provide further dynamics to the gaming environment. The ability to generate money through games has unlocked doors for the emergence of new gaming ideas, resulting in the birth of GameFi, The Metaverse & Gaming Platforms.
In the meantime, the gaming sector has started to garner immense attention from institutional investors, with over $1 billion in fundraising having been witnessed in November alone. A recent highlight in the fundraising activity is the $150 million fund package to back blockchain gaming startups from Solana Ventures. This demonstrates that major venture capital firms in the sector share a bright vision for the future of blockchain gaming.
In GameFi projects, launchpads assist projects in pre TGE and during TGE, but there are no support post TGE. This gap is prevelant given no strong interoperability between launchpads as well as gaming projects launched. That's where Metapreme comes in.


Let's learn more about how the concept of Metapreme was born.
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