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How To Contribute

Mission Card

The most viable and direct way you can earn CP is by conducting and accomplish all missions on a mission card. Besides CPs, mission achievers may also get suPREME as a reward.
There will be numerous mission cards created by Metapreme Team and our Game Partners.

Community Engagement

Discord is where we will mostly hang around, support each other, share our experience and knowledge. By just staying active and bringing more value to the community, you will gradually level up your role and get more engagement incentives.
Also, your Twitter engagements will be encouraged as they will help gain more exposure to the mass.

Professional Skill

As our DAO grows, we definitely need more core contributors with specific skills such as designing, coding, editing, producing, analyzing, photography, etc.
Consider our DAO to be a mini blockchain-based version of Fiverr where you can put your talents into work and earn a decent amount of rewards through mission cards or DAO bounty contests.