$PREME Tokens are SPL type tokens that will be issued on the Solana chain first and then on other EVM chains as we reach certain milestones.
Investors can buy $PREME initially through our Auction IDO on 23 Feb or through secondary markets on which $PREME will be listed.

suPREME Token

suPREME Tokens are SPL type tokens that will be issued through our staking system in which users stake PREME for suPREME. suPREME could be traded on secondary markets.

NFT Lending System

We are building an NFT lending system that allows Trooper to supply their own NFT assets directly to Metapreme to earn supply APY. These assets will be used for rental programs to onboard more scholars.

DAO Value Tracker

A systematical tool to manage DAO activities and facilitate the value generation process among DAO roles to optimize the overall operation.